About us


About us

Water is what LONNY is focused on  -- we're passionate about it, we care about it, we enjoy everything about it. But most of all, we want to share the joy of water with you. In our website, you will find many exciting new products, while many familiar product lines have been given new designs and the latest technology we have developed.

Profile is full of structural feeling, and is matched with concrete and dynamic shape. With such a top grade quality, top grade design, plus competitive price, it is no doubt that you select a reliable, durable, and very welcomed product.

For LONNY bathroom, efficiency and durability are the most important, which is what our customers expect from us and why our products are widely used in all kinds of buildings. It's not just technology - aesthetics and ergonomics in design are also crucial, especially when developing new products. Our products are elegant and easy to operate, and their purpose is to enhance your living space. For a first taste, contact us to find the nearest dealer and visit the showroom or website, where you can enjoy our exciting products and feel their reliable quality, and then choose the right product for your bathroom or kitchen -- we look forward to sharing the joy of water with you. Explore the unmatched future of water.


The staffs in our R&D department are well experienced in the sanitary ware industry, with more than 20 years experience.


Customized item MOQ 100pcs, regualar items 10pcs.


We can make customized products especially for client according to client’s specs.


We can manufacture products up to 60000 pcs per month.


3 years quality guarantee for our products and lifetime maintenance.


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